Organik pamuk simge

What is organic cotton and Organic production?

* Organic Cotton: For the world...

Organic cotton production works start at 1970's, together with establishing environmental consciousness development in many countries. One of the biggest factors in environmental pollution is the agriculture and it occurs using of chemical/sythetic stuff without care of natural life balance. Such stuff penetrates into agricultural soil and effects growing of natural plants like cotton.
Organic cotton is producing completely natural ways by comparing to conventional cotton; No harmful chemicals using its growing cycle and its manufacturing process to prevent from any harmful residues.
So, the final "organic" product does not effect user's body and also minimized waste proetects the Earth.
Of course these items are environmental friendly when recycling necessary, too.

Organic items are not only for environmental care; Also supports "Fair Trade" due to regular inspection of working environment for various aspects.

The "ecologic" textiles (or "eco-textile" in other word) are the products made from regular cotton by caring the total environmental protection in all production steps from the fibre to finished goods. Ecologic products are not harmful in using by the consumer and also able to recycle or ablo to dissolve in the nature without and harmful residue after their using period.

* Organic Cotton: For our family's health...

Organic or ecologic products are design and produce with special chemicals which does not create any patalogic or allergic reaction in the consumer.
Usually soft enzymes use in final wash to ensure maximum protection. This is very important in specially newborn baby products or directly skin contact products like yoga wear or underwear. Ozmoz Collections designed with organic cotton items taken from careful (certified) suppliers and only permitted (Oecotex (Oekotex) approved) dyestuff used in production of fabrics...

* Organic Cotton: For our/kids future...

Organic or ecologic products are protects environment in growth or manufacturing; so they serve the most important goal that "to leave inhabitable Earth" to the future generations including our childs and grandchildrens.

How you can understand "Organic" items?

The controlling/ruling body of organic conditions in textile industry is "Global Organic Textile Standard" (GOTS) organisation.
The GOTS certification helps you to see item is produced within organic rules (currently GOTS 4.0) from the field to the market shelf. Certified producers inspected by Accredited bodies periodically, to approve that they follow the rules in their production lines. An "Organic" item should include GOTS logo and manufacturer's licence number.
Simurg Tasarim (OZMOZ) has organic production experience since 1995 and have certification from ETKO/Turkey; We work with certified suppliers, too.
Ozmoz gots logo
Ozmoz ve Simurg Tasarım certificate number
ETKO: Inspection body.

** We should not forgot! **
"World is not heritage from our ancestors', we borrowed it from our grandchildren..."


We need to care about environment by keeping our impact low!!!
Please do not put your old/unused clothing to trashcans, forward them to aid organisations around you.
So help to people who needs them and also keep environment.

Keywords for organic products?
  • Environmental awareness...
  • Consumer friendly
  • Sustainable production
  • Fair trade/Fair production
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