• Set: Body (classic) – Kimono form Body – Harem Pant – Blanket – Shoulder cloth – Bib – Beanie – Gloves
  • GOTS certified Organic product
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Outside printed design
  • Careful design for comfRegularble wear of baby.
  • Cleansed, no bacteria or virus or dust.
  • Not allergenic (Pure cotton)
  • No prewash needed before to use.


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Clean&e = Safe baby clothes

Clean&e products are newborn and baby clothes. They are designed and responsibly produced in Simurg Tasarim Textile company, in its modern premises at Izmir/Turkey. All production chain conducted within GOTS scope with pure Turkish organic cotton fibers. They enables a gently and safe touch to sensistive skin of your newborn or baby.

Clean&e products are safe and sustainably produced clothes; Made with 100% cotton and does not contain harmful chemicals, pollutants or allergens. *1.

On top of above mentioned GOTS protection, Simurg Tasarim Textile decided to use only outside printed, non-dyed fabrics to use in its Clean&e products. So more protection has been achieved for our babies.

Clean&e products does not requeire a pre-wash at home after you buy. Because all of them one-by-one carefully wash, dry and non-chemically sterilise before packing in Simurg Tasarim Tekstil’s patented proses. All those cleansing, sterlising and paking has been kaing in an “surgery room like clean” special room in Simurg’s premises. Naturally when the team enter for lot’s a packing they ensure all personal hygiene like covering clothes, hair-bonnets, hygienic gloves and masks.

According to Simurg Tasarim’s patent method, there is no bleaching, detergent, softener or soap has been using in this process. This innovative washing method only purified/activated water…

Then, all products put into a life-long protective package as a part of patent to protect their cleansed status until you/end-user open them. So the product do not affects from the pollutants/viruses/bacterias etc in storage, transport or sales stages. When you (end-user) opened package can use on the baby with safety.

Practically Clean&e products are enables better cleansing for you newborn than to your home wash; because the washing line used in factory solely for them, nothing else; and also does not carry any chemical load.

Package itself is a part of Simurg Tasarim Textile’s sustainability approach, you don’t need to throw it or recycle because it has multiple (long) use ablity with its zipper. You may put items back to the pack after used and washed; so can carry them safely in travels or keep in drawers.

*1 Allergen tests has been made according to GOTS standard and DIN 54231:2005 test method. In the tests made by International laboratories none of then known 36 allegenic residues or any carsiogen dyestuffs has been detected…









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