The Ultimate Sustainable Product Line

As having a long experience in organic and sustainable product development & Production; Ozmoz has made a further step for better environment and sustainable Clothing Production.

Together with our valuable (and certified of course) recycling partners we develop
Recycled Cotton+Recycled Pes jersey product range. Name is Ozmoz-Reborn and the first introduction of such combination and product range been made in CIFF-KIDS, Copenhagen at January 2022; and further developments been followed in CIFF June exhibition.

Single Jersey, heavy jersey, fleece, French Terry, Rib, Heavy rib all of jersey fabrics in this line;

We presented L/S Tees, S/S Tees, heavy jersey stripes, brushed fleece seats & Pants, Hoodies etc.

Why is OZMOZ-REBORN call as “Ultimate”?

Recycling of cotton was making for some time, but not regular Clothing, for rugs, carpets or filing.

Using it for regular clothing is an extremely important step for natural sources’ sustainability like fertile lands and water. In our product line, due to production from pre-consumer wastes, yarns are made from color by color grouped fabrics; converting to colorful fibers in newest technology openers; and mix with PES fiber to enable re-spinning and endurance. But of course, we use recycled PES, from pre& post-consumer wastes.

So, your plastic bottles turn to colorful clothes, too.

But above explanation may not enough to be “Ultimate”, right?
The key point is the yarns making from “colorful fibers”. Its mean our yarns and fabrics are not having DYEING process again; which is extreme saving from the most precious resource, the Water and the Energy.

By comparing to regular production, water saving can reach to ~90% in this way. And Ozmoz Reborn line reduces environmental impact, too.

Not to mention but, compared with high temperature dyeing, rinse many times; finishing and drying; all consume serious amount of energy… In our way, just a slight wetting and finishing is done after knitting.

Cool isn’t it???


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